Visit SoCal’s San Diego County with us virtually!  We’d like to take you on a short video visit to three of our favorites there.  We live nearby and have scoured the area to find our favs.  You can read more about us in ‘Our Story’ here on the site. San Diego County is a beautiful place, and in the video you’ll see the prettiest town, the most beautiful beach, and the best coffee we can find.  We don’t have a favorite tea place because we are our favorite tea–because we work extremely hard to find the best-tasting teas in the world.

Rancho Santa Fe

This hidden gem was once an area covered with eucalyptus for railroad ties.  Now, it is a rolling paradise of citrus groves, incredibly beautiful estates, and the most charming village imaginable.  We’re struck by how much it reminds us of Carmel By The Sea without all the tourist traffic.  There are tiny shops, a really sweet coffee house called El Positano, an award-winning restaurant called Mille Fleurs, and so many flowers and trees you’ll feel engulfed with the beauty.  The residents are private but friendly, and there are no chain stores allowed…yes, that means chain coffee houses, thankfully!!  It’s all about local…and San Diego County.

Del Mar beach

Even our little dog fell in love with this place!  The pristine beach is loved by locals for its’ beautiful setting, and surfers love the not too overwhelming waves to get in their daily dose of rides.  There are old dark cypresses, newer pines, and lots of flowers, courtesy of the local garden club.  The residents pick up their mail at a tiny post office right at the beach.  They are friendly and happy to answer questions or talk about Del Mar.  Nearby is the Del Mar Race Track and Rancho Santa Fe is only a few miles away.  San Diego County is not short on great places!

Darshan Bakery & Cafe, Encinitas

Ah..what can I say about Darshan Bakery?  Encinitas is a fairly busy beach town about 10 miles from Del Mar, and it’s here we enjoy the best coffee we’ve ever tasted…and we’ve tasted some of the best, having served it in our tea stores as a courtesy.  This is a proprietary roast done exactly to the owners’ specifications and it is rich, smooth, and incredibly delicious.  We haven’t tried the baked goods here but there are some interesting looking Middle Eastern style offerings.  Many Middle Eastern influences can be found in San Diego County in food and beverage.

These are not the most well-known tourists spots, in fact Rancho Santa Fe doesn’t want to be a tourist spot, but these three choices are the cream of the crop, in our opinion, in their categories, in San Diego County.  We  hope you enjoy the virtual tour!  Click here to begin: