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All teas come from the same Genus/plant: Camellia sinensis. This includes white, green, oolong, black & pu-erh. White tea is picked and dried, while green teas are lightly oxidized, up to a point where they become oolong and, as the oxidation process continues, they progress to fully oxidized black tea. Puerh tea is known as a post-oxidized or fermented tea, undergoing microbial fermentation. Caffeine levels of tea are approximately 1/3 to 1/2 the caffeine of coffee when both beverages are in brewed form. We do not choose teas and herbals because they are trendy, or for any other reason than that they are the best we have found after years of searching. We offer only loose leaf teas and herbals because they are the only quality that meets our standards. We limit our inventory to only our very favorites for quick turn-over and freshness. FLAVOR*QUALITY*INNOVATION: This is how California does tea!