Diane shares where to find the great cups, pots, tea infusers and tea strainers for making deliciously brewed loose tea!  Watch the video here: http://bit.ly/2H0A4SG

No matter what tea infuser, tea strainer, or tea tool you use, it won’t matter if the tea isn’t fabulous, so make sure you buy from someone like us who takes the time to always be looking for the most delicious tea and herbals available.  Once you have great tea, unless you brew it correctly, it still won’t hit the ‘sweet spot’.

Be sure you use 195-200F water for black and oolongs, 170-175F for greens and whites.  Some will disagree with this but I have found it to be the best parameters.  Also, be sure you steep black and oolong teas around 4 minutes, while whites and greens should be from 2-3 min., depending on taste.  Japanese green teas should be brewed only 2 min. at 170F for best results.  Herbals are usually brewed with the same temp as black tea, but times can vary.  Make sure you follow the directions on our site pages for each one.

Cast iron, clay, infuse through the bottom? Well, these wonderful simple tea infusers, tea strainers and all these tea TOOLS are some of my favorites!! We sell only tea and herbals on the website, but I have used almost all of these in our stores and use a couple of them daily at home. Here they are:


Cafe Press (french press) http://bit.ly/2T2itAq

Stump Teapot w/lid & Infuser http://bit.ly/2Swewij

New ‘Dew’ Brew-in cup mug/infuser http://bit.ly/2Ty0MF7

Brew In Mug Extra-Fine Tea Infuser http://bit.ly/2BYdMNk


Thermos 16 oz stainless steel travel tumbler http://bit.ly/2Nz7Rmz


OXO Tea Infuser Basket http://bit.ly/2EwjbMk


Check them out and enjoy brewing some delicious tea!! But remember…even the greatest brewers need the best teas!

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