Diane makes 3 tea-infused hot chocolates: Chocolate Coconut, Chocolate Mint, and Earl Grey tea-infused hot chocolate. Yum!!

Fall is the perfect time to start thinking about hot chocolate but this is not just ANY hot chocolate. These are taken up a notch with infusions of chocolate-y or chocolate-friendly teas and herbals. Here’s the recipe for all three. So simple and fun to make. But even more fun to drink!


8 oz. milk, half & half or non-dairy substitute such as almond milk

Quality dark chocolate syrup like Ghiradelli or Monin 3-6 TBS to taste

1 heaping TBS tea or herbal of choice (see options below)

Whipped cream & Optional toppings


Put milk & chocolate sauce in small saucepan & stir until blended.

Add tea or herbal and stir in Heat to simmer, turn off, cover and steep 5 minutes Uncover and strain off tea or herbal into second small saucepan

Reheat hot chocolate to simmer

Pour into 8 oz. cup

Top with whipped cream & optional toppings

Tea/herbal options:

For Chocolate Coconut Tea: http://bit.ly/2wV2c1m Toppings: Drizzle chocolate sauce & top with toasted coconut

For Chocolate Mint Tea: http://bit.ly/2sa4CJb Toppings: Drizzle chocolate sauce & fresh mint leaf

For Earl Grey Hot Chocolate Tea: http://bit.ly/2rVzZ8r Toppings: Dark Chocolate shavings & orange zest

These will surprise and delight friends and family. Absolutely easy to make and please adjust the amount of chocolate to taste. I prefer a light chocolate-y taste but some, like my husband, prefer it intense.