A go-to holiday beverage:  Spiced ‘Tea’ Cider!  Diane shares a simple 2-step recipe for turning plain apple juice into a delicious spiced cider using Fruit ‘N Spices herbal ‘tea’.

Watch her make it here:    http://bit.ly/34ZXWho

Recipe (8 oz.)

8-12 oz. organic apple juice (to your ‘spiciness taste)

1 TBS Fruit ‘N Spices herbal ‘tea’ available here: http://bit.ly/2INqjrn

In small saucepan, bring apple juice to simmer and add Fruit ‘N Spices. Cover, turn off heat and steep 5 min.

Strain into cup. If you prefer cold, chill in refrigerator. Do not pour hot infusion over ice or it will dilute the taste in this recipe.  If you want more sweetness, add honey to taste preference before chilling.



Photo:  Regina Fell Art

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