Diane tells you why puerh is, in some ways, like wine, from the Wine Country of Southern California.  We live in the Wine Country and see how many thousands of people are interested in tasting and learning more about wine.  It is our hope that someday people will learn to appreciate tea in the same way here in the U.S., as they do in so many other countries.  In many ways, tea is like wine.  It is useful in pairing with a number of foods, it’s complex with many notes, and in the case of puerh, it is fermented.

Puer or pu erh, is a ‘doubly fermented’ or post-fermented tea that comes from the Yunnan region of China. It is mainly grown and processed in four regions of Yunnan.  Yunnan has also become a very important coffee-growing area of China.

Many people like to do a Gong Fu infusion process with this tea; that is, multiple short infusions, from 30 seconds to 2 min. I prefer to do a standard ‘black tea steep’ for 5 minutes at 195F.

This tea is microbially fermented after it has been oxidized and can be green or black tea. There are two methods of fermentation; one is the ‘natural’ aging method and the other is a shorter, more modern way of accelerating the fermentation process.

Very old puerh can sell for as much as very old, fine wine. The tea can be in compressed cake form or loose tea. The notes in puerh are complex, like wine, and range from earthy, musky, fruity. I hope you enjoy this video on puerh.

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