How to make a London Fog Latte:  Diane makes iced and hot London Fog lattes that are simple to make yourself and delicious! KEY: Use the best premium quality Earl Grey, fragrant and lovely, or the latte will be less than it could be!!  Watch here:

NOTE: IF YOU DON’T LIKE VANILLA…use sweetener of your choice!!

2 TBS Earl Grey Premium or other Earl Grey
2-3 TBS vanilla syrup (or sweetener of your choice) to taste
5 oz. filtered water
20 oz. glass filled with ice
Dairy/nondairy option of choice

Steep tea in filtered 195F water for 4-5 minutes
Add sweetener in with tea or to tea after steeping
Pour hot tea through strainer over glass of ice
Add dairy/nondairy to top of glass. Stir or shake
Add whipped cream if desired.

HOT EARL GREY LATTE: (12 oz. hot latte)
2 TBS Earl Grey Premium or other Earl Grey
1.5-2 TBS sweetener of choice
5 oz. filtered water
6 oz.. dairy/nondairy of choice

Steep tea in filtered water at 195F for 4-5 min.
Add sweetener to tea while steeping or after
Strain tea into 12 oz. cup
Heat and froth dairy or nondairy option slowly over low heat
Pour frothed dairy/nondairy over tea into cup
Add whipped cream to top if desired

Please make these simple and delicious London Fog tea lattes at home. I always use equipment that is easily available or things you already have at home.

These lattes will not be best unless you use a really fragrant, high quality Earl Grey, like the one we sell in the link in the Ingredients list above. Loose tea is always more delicious than bags or sachets, in my opinion!

If you don’t have a good strainer, the one I use is available at a company called For Life Design here:

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