One of my favorite fruits is a ripe, juicy peach.  And during peach season there are so many available that it’s fun to try new recipes.  This Joanna Gaines Peach Tea Punch looked wonderful and we found it tastes delicious!

We changed her recipe for this Peach Tea Punch to give it even more peach flavor by using our California Peach Cobbler blend with real peach bits and more peaches in the puree. Both recipes below. Enjoy!

Joanna Gaines Peach Tea Punch:

4 cups water

3 large tea bags

4 large ripe peaches

Juice of 1 lime

4 cups ginger ale

Honey to taste

Mint (optional)

Directions: Bring 3 cups water to boil in medium saucepan

Add tea bags & boil 1 additional minute. Remove from heat, cover and steep 10 min.

Make Puree: Peel & pit 3 peaches. Place in blender with lime juice & puree until smooth

In a pitcher, combine cooled tea, puree and ginger ale. Add honey to taste.

Cut remaining peach into slices and use as garnish.

Optional: Garnish with fresh mint



Peach Tea Punch Our Way

4 cups water 4 TBS California Peach Cobbler tea

5 large ripe peaches (4 for puree & 1 to slice and garnish drink)

Juice of 1 lime

4 cups ginger ale

4 packets Stevia

Mint sprig

Directions: Steep tea in 195F water for 5 minutes.

Strain and chill tea liquid.

While tea is chilling, puree 4 peaches and lime juice in blender

Add ginger ale & chilled tea

Garnish with peach slices and mint sprig


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