Tea and genetics:  Do genetics make you choose tea over coffee?  Find out what science says about it in this new video: https://bit.ly/2Gd3Wff
My Dad’s family is Norwegian and they were always big, big coffee drinkers.  I thought it was more culture and genetics, but maybe I should reconsider.  My dad would drink so much coffee that he would actually get a severe headache if he didn’t have coffee.  Of course, I didn’t want to experience the same symptoms, and never really was wild over coffee so, as soon as I found out about loose leaf tea (as opposed to those horrible bags), I chose tea as my go-to beverage.
New studies say that we are genetically predisposed to choose one over the other. It has to do with our bitterness perceptors, believe it or not. The studies seem to show that people who have acute caffeine bitterness perceptors prefer coffee, while people with acute quinine or tonic water bitterness perceptors choose tea. I personally have observed by owning and working for years in stores that sell both, that coffee drinkers add things to their coffee much more than tea drinkers, which changes and masks the bitterness.
Culture also appears to play into the choice, with Asian countries preferring tea and Europeans and Americans preferring coffee. However, with Starbucks and other big coffee companies like Costa moving into Asian countries, coffee is gaining ground, maybe because of its’ newness there or because of caffeine? Coffee brewed has twice as much caffeine as tea, and become more addictive.
Whichever one appeals most to you..enjoy it!
Link to Chocolate Peppermint tea frappe video/recipe: http://bit.ly/2RBQSRO
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