Will a 30-second wash remove most of the caffeine from a cup of tea?  Our video ‘Caffeine in Tea: Legends, Myths & Reality’, here http://bit.ly/2u475pz, addresses that internet viral solution to removing caffeine, and shows in simple terms how caffeine effects tea and works with flavonoids to hit a ‘sweet spot’ and bring you the best taste with the least caffeine, depending on tea type.

Some of the information was gleaned from expert researcher Nigel Melican of Teacraft Ltd., with a link in the Description to his excellent article on the subject, showing how much caffeine is gone by minutes of brewing.  It takes a full 15 minutes to remove all the caffeine, but the tea would be bitterly undrinkable.

Customers in our bricks and mortar would regularly ask about caffeine in tea, thinking that black tea had more than white tea, or green tea had more than black tea.  In fact, matcha does give you more caffeine, simply because you consume the entire leaf, rather than infusing the leaf and then discarding it.  However, there’s much more to it than color or tea type!!

Caffeine in Tea: Legends, Myths & Reality, also talks about major and minor factors that help determine caffeine content in tea.  The minor factors are many, the major are 2 main components:  Time and temperature.  There is a ‘sweet spot’ for each tea and the time and temperature has to be right to hit it.

The four commercial decaffeination processes are also listed and why we think they’re not the optimum choice.  If you really don’t want or can’t have caffeine, we suggest you consider herbals http://bit.ly/2uDqtv6 from our large selection.  The only herbal with matteine/caffeine in our options is yerba mate, and the matteine does not have the usual coffee jolt/drop reaction but rather a long, sustained feeling of energy.

If you have any questions we haven’t covered, please read Nigel’s linked article, or email us a question via the site or directly at info@calteas.com.  Diane personally answers from her own private email and reads all questions and comments.

Credit for caffeine symbol: http://bit.ly/2ts7wLP


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