In this new video, Diane shows how to decide what time and temperature to use when brewing herbals/tisanes.  This information will help you brew them correctly every time, whether chamomile, mint, lavender, or any herbal tisane…or blended with tea.

Most herbals can be brewed at between 195F-200F for 3-4 minutes. Chamomile can get bitter after 4-5 minutes. Herbals are anything you infuse that grows other than true tea, which comes only from the Camellia sinensis genus.

Herbals, also called tisanes, can be anything from mint to lemongrass to dandelion and cover a huge amount of ground. Blends are two or more herbals mixed together or a tea and herbal blend. In the case of brewing, always brew the blend like you would brew the most delicate part of it.

Green tea blends with herbals would be brewed as you would a green tea, and so forth. The way you prefer your tea, whether delicate taste or very intens  e, will also determine how long you will steep it. The more flavor you want the longer the steep time, being aware that bitterness and tartness can result if you steep it too long.

Hope you enjoyed this little tutorial on brewing herbals/tisanes! If you have any questions, please leave them in Comments below.

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Photo:  Green tea and herbal blend:  Raspberry Pomegranate, by Regina Fell Designs