Is bottled tea healthy? The RTD tea companies promote bottled iced tea as being antioxidant-rich and healthy.  Are the claims backed up by science?

In this video Diane shares an important study by a team of researchers in the ‘medical foods’ industry who did a study on polyphenols in bottled tea.  So, was bottled tea healthy in terms of high polyphenol content?  Dr. Shimling Li’s studies at WellGen biotech company showed that, out of six brands of bottled tea, half of them had virtually no polyphenols and the rest had very low levels which would not contribute to health in any meaningful way.

Furthermore, when there is added sugar, even those benefits are diminished.

My first tea business partner and I were planning to bottle ice tea recipes but after tasting the effects of natural preservatives needed to bottle, we decided against adulterating the fresh taste with any type of preservative. Our choice had been a fruit acid, because of its’ less offensive taste, but we stuck with fresh loose leaf customers could brew at home rather than get out of a bottle. Finding from this study later that, indeed, the polyphenol count being lowered would have made our bottled tea beverages not as healthy, we made the right decision.

Tea bags were also part of the study and showed that, prior to brewing, the bag tea contained about 175 mg. of polyphenols, but after brewing contained virtually none. This was an interesting part of the study to me..being no fan of the dust and fannings in tea bags!

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