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Yerba Mate

$7.00/ 2oz bag
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  • Yerba Mate

    Shade-grown yerba mate with all the qualities mate should provide; grassy and fresh-tasting, a natural energy booster that won’t jolt you down later, like coffee or espresso.  Yerba mate contains matteine, similar to caffeine, and this is the national beverage of Argentina, sipped continuously throughout the day from ‘portable bombilla-like kits’ in some countries.

    Serving Suggestion:  Serving the traditional way, in a gourd with a bombilla (straw) or simply brew like tea and enjoy in your favorite mug.

    Brewing Instructions:  Use 1 heaping tsp. to 1 tbs. per 8 oz. water, to taste.  Steep 3-4 minutes at 180F.  Let beverages cool to approximately 170F before consuming.

    Ingredients:  Yerba mate, sourced from a certified organic, Fair Trade supplier.

    $7.00/ 2oz bag

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